Why Umbreon and Espeon are shipped.

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Why Umbreon and Espeon are shipped.

Post by Tab on Fri Dec 18, 2015 2:50 pm

"Are you feeling sleepy, sweetie?"

Trinity opened her eyes, sitting on Tab's soft, warm lap with her head sleepily angled down. She looked behind her, eyes half-closed, watching the warm smile on Tab's human face. She let off a short, tired moan and leaned on her boyfriend's chest.

"Is that a yes, hun?"


Tab proceeded to squeeze the life out of his girlfriend as he leaned back on his soft couch, watching his tired pet happily, but suddenly, he jumped, for someone was knocking on the door! Who could it be? Could it be a thief? Could it be the army? Would Tab finally be drafted into war?

"Hey Trin? Mind getting up for a second?"

"Alright sweetie," said Trinity with a tired, muffled voice.

Trinity rolled off of Tab's lap and curled into a ball on the corner of the couch. Meanwhile, as Tab slowly walked to the door, he grabbed a nearby baseball bat, preparing himself for what could be inside Pandora's Box. He shifted his vision back and forth, seeing nothing but the furniture in the living room and his sleepy future-wife curled up in a ball. Paranoid, Tab finally opened the door and was greeted by a small cardboard box.


He looked around on his front porch, and nobody was present except the strange, unexpected box beside Tab's shoes. He ordered no package from Amazon, Ebay, or anywhere else. The same applied to his girlfriend, so what was this thing? The box was quite generic; upon shaking it, Tab expected nothing special to be in there. It sounded like a rectangular item with a soft spot or two. After shaking the box, Tab walked inside, seeing his knocked-out wife slightly wiggling in her sleep. The cardboard box remained closed.

* * *

The proceeding day, Trinity woke up before Tab. She gazed around, seeing her human boyfriend curled around her as if he was a dog, and she slightly grinned; however, there was something peculiar she noticed- her bra was undone. Whatever. She shrugged it off and walked around the house topless.

Tab woke up afterwards, noticing the box resting on the coffee table right in front of his face. Trinity was awake. It was finally time to open the mysterious box. After a huge amount of loud, annoying sounds, Tab peered into the box, seeing many noodle-like nik-naks. Eventually, every single nik-nak was dispersed onto the carpet floor, and the remaining items in the box were a small piece of paper and a television remote.

"Congratulations, TableFlipper! You are one of the few people selected from http://e621.net/ to receive our sample product! What is this product, you ask? Well, this television remote, straight from Bad Dragon, is a part of our 'Fur Come True' program, where we try to tend to every furry's needs and fetishes. On the back of this note, there are many combinations of fetishes, animals, and other things. Point this remote at somebody or something, press the numbers in a specific order, and wham! Your dreams have come true. Please send your feedback at http://e621.net/supersecretremoteplstellnobody, and have fun!"

"Is this thing a vibrator?" Tab asked himself, looking at the strange television remote with an odd gesture on his face.


Trinity walked into the living room, seeing Tab hold a strange, oval-like object.

"I have no idea what this thing is," said Tab, looking at the combinations on the back of the paper, "It's supposed to make my fetishes come true or whatever. Mind sitting still sweetie? I wanna see if this stupid thing works."

"Sure sweetie," said Trinity with delight, "What if it works?"


Tab dialed a specific combination of letters and number and aimed the device at his girlfriend; nothing happened even after multiple attempts. Different button combinations, different targets, including himself, and throwing the remote seemed to do absolutely nothing. Suddenly, an intelligent idea popped up in Trinity's head; it was quite obvious.

"Here, let's put some batteries in it sweetie," said Trinity, grabbing a pack of batteries nearby.

"If this thing is true what kind of things would you like to do?"

"Well," she said while packing the batteries into the device, which turned out to be empty, making Tab feel dumber than a rock, "Maybe we could become animals and you could mark your territory on me."

"Would my sweetiepielike that?"

"Oh yes she would, hun. Oh yes..."

After giving his girlfriend a happy pet, Tab took the remote and dialed the combination of numbers he desired. On attempt number two, it seemed as if everything was failing.

"Maybe it's a dud?"

"I have no idea hun," muddered Tab, messing around with the button combinations, until...

Boom. Breasts. All of a sudden, Trinity seemed to gain more weight out of nowhere. Her pants slid off her body, leaving only her pink-colored panties on her quite-sexy body. In a huge rush of red to her cheeks, Trinity looked down at her chubby body.

"Oh my..."

The blush spread to Tab's own cheeks, staring at his wife's bulging belly. Afterwards, a significant amount of black and white fur grew on Trinity's body, starting from her hands, spreading through her topless chest, and ending on her feet.

"Is this supposed to happen hun?" said Trinity, somewhat worried, as she felt the white fur on her tummy.

"Um... Yeah, sweetie. You might feel some pain soon, so sorry."

While Tab walked over to his future-wife to hug her, Trinity felt a huge surge of pain in her face, and by natural reaction, Trinity immediately covered her face with her hands. She felt a short, stumpy muzzle poke the palm of her hands, and suddenly, to check if she was alright, Trinity removed her hands. Cross-eyed, Trinity noticed the cow-like muzzle taking form on her face.

"Oh... Tab probably wanted me to become a cow and breastfeed him..." Trinity assumed, blushing harder then ever before as her udders and tail began to develop. After a short amount of time, Tab stared at his anthropomorphic cow wife in shock and silence. And a ton of blushing, to be frank.

"Are you okay sweetie?"

The couple locked eyes with each other and stared for a few seconds in silence. In the middle of it, Trinity let off a cute, random moo.


"I'm okay!"

Trinity covered Tab's face in her large, furry, human breasts, feeling happy that this enigmatic remote could transform her into anything her boyfriend desires. Although, what could she herself do with it? Well, for now, she let her future-husband do whatever he wanted to her adorable bovine body.

"Thank goodness you are."

While Trinity held Tab in her fluffy white arms, he began to wrap his mouth around Trinity's breasts and suck on them. A surge of pleasure overwhelmed Trinity due to this- she felt like she was being tickled and touched in very naughty places at the same time, and during this, her special nectar began leaking out of her nipple onto Tab's mouth. To Tab, it tasted absolutely wonderful; due to the fact that he was drinking his girlfriend's milk and not just some random bovine's, it tasted even better.

During the drink, Tab reached down and began messing with Trinity's udders, causing milk to spew out of them as well. Milk went everywhere! It hit Tab and Trinity's bodies, it hit every piece of furniture in the living room, and some of it began to puddle in the cardboard box containing the remote. Eventually, after Trinity's calf was quenched, he closed his eyes, and Trinity followed suit. The couple had a great nap.

* * *

After a long, comfortable nap and cuddle with his cow wife, an idea popped into Tab's naive head. He stared down at the remote, brushing his head against Trinity's breasts, and contemplated an idea.

"Hey sweetie?"


"Mind if I test something else with you?"

Trinity smiled, feeling flustered and embarrased over what Tab might do to her. In a stuttery way, she replied, "Y-Yes."

Upon hearing the answer, Tab got down on his knees below the couch, looking up at his beautiful girlfriend. He dialed his desired combination in the remote, including one for a clean, instant, and painless transformation, and aimed it at his girlfriend.

Out of nowhere, Tab's anthropomorphic cow girlfriend became his Lucario girlfriend! Due to her large, straight, jagged tail, Trinity's panties fell right off her legs, revealing a sexy body part Tab has seen many times before.

"Oh," said Trinity, feeling embarrased and slightly horny due to her transformation.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Tab grabbed Trinity's dark footpaw and began to lick her tasty pads. Out of pure instinct of being tickled by Tab's tongue, Trinity unleashed a girly giggle mixed with a Lucario's laughter. To Trinity, it might've sounded blush-worthy, but to Tab, it was oh-so-nice. Speaking of "oh-so-nice," Tab enjoyed the taste of his furry girlfriend's paw, but he wondered if he could try another flavor...

"S-Stop it!" Trinity said in laughter, "I-I mean keep going! I love this fe-AAAAAAAAARD!"

The Lucario now became a fierce, adorable Charizard! Her wings looked graceful as they were somewhat bent by the couch she was sitting on. After Trinity's third transformation, Tab set aside the remote and paper beside Trinity, feeling content with this new flavor of large, scaly feet. He began to suck on her claws and cling to her thick foot, loving what was probably his greatest wet dream ever.


Tab let off a moan, feeling turned on by Trinity's roars, and he began to cling to Trinity's foot even harder, feeling extremely tingly on the inside. As he was preparing to hump his girlfriend's leg, something... strange happened. Tab transformed into what seemed to be a pile of clothes on the ground. Was he gone? Trinity knew the answer, for she was holding the remote in her cute dragoness hand.

A smile grew on her snout as the Charizard transformed into a tiny Espeon. She wagged her tail, staring at the clothes pile as an Umbreon's head popped out.

Trinity faced the remote and gave it a burst of psychic energy, causing it to shatter into hundreds of plastic pieces. The couple were most likely stuck like this forever, but it didn't matter to Trin; she had plans. Tab blushed, smiled, and began to crawl backwards, acting hard to get while staring at his admittingly-sexy feral girlfriend. Trinity the Espeon licked her lips, staring at Tab's erect penis and drooling all over her body. Finally, Trinity pounced on her prey, and she landed in the exact right spot!

Tab let off a moan as his hard penis made contact with Trinity's pink, furry pussy. The two then engaged in a storm of thrusts, moans, meows, cum, and grooming each other afterwards. It was amazing for the both of them. After this experience, the Umbreon and Espeon would forever be bonded with each other.

"I love you more than everything and everyone in the world combined," said the Espeon, letting off a content, relaxed moan afterwards.

"I love you just as much."

And that's why, uh, Umbreon and Espeon are shipped I guess. Beats me.


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